Mr.Melodic is a hip hop artist from Brockton, Massachusetts born in Boston mass family came from west Africa Atlantic Ocean = Cabo verde islands that’s another story for the books … look out for that in the near future …

once has had his own independent record label he formed in 1998, of East Coast underground artists in Brockton Massachusetts “Dead Eyez Records LLC” ... the hometown of undefeated Heayweight Champion, Rocky Marciano, Mr.Melodic sets the goals high and never ceases to amaze the fans. Although inspired by many such artists as; 2Pac, Jay-z, Nas, The Wu-Tang Clan, Big L, The Lox and The Notorious B.I.G., Bone Thugs N Harmony, many others; what separates Mr.Melodic from other artists, is the universal style, spiritual enlightenment that has messages to help raise the audience vibrations with jewels, sharp lyrical flows, and a unique sound he calls it the melodic flow. “High frequency”

Mr.Melodic believes that music gotta be hard hitting, with a little somethin somethin in it for everybody.

The DeadEyez Founder/Co-CEO, producer/artist, Kra-Z Souljah a.k.a. Mr. Melodic, (mr.melodic was once known as kra-z souljah in the east coast) he grasped a important marketing concept and intends to show and prove that the music industry can be improved thru more original creativity. Mr.Melodic is currently an unsigned hiphop artist but has been mentor by Krayzie bone of bone thugs n harmony “fast track program” then years later met Prince zalu at a Rhode Island showcase later to be introduced by Demetrius Reynolds manager of Bizzy bone … 7thsign / reb7rth nation wide 3rd generation of Bizzy bone of Bone thugs n Harmony.

melodic was excited to sign to the label but unfortunately never signed due to label was retired by Bizzy bone because of fallen members. (R.I.P. to all the 7th sign souljahs)

to be a 7 sign Souljah as a crew member was presented to melodic along with a 7thsign chain a gift from Prince zalu zalu and melodic being a bone thugs fan since he was a child said yes! and has been working with Whodini Blak at operating as street team then to be A&R for talent shouting

then as a solo act.

History: Kra-Z Souljah a.k.a. Mr. Melodic in 1999, who at only 14 years of age had the drive to pursue a career as a hiphop artist. His motivation would later inspire many others including his cousin BLK, This led to early experience in the studio environment, they eventually meet Klassick. At a high school rap battle . During their journey of making it big, they began performing at gigs as only teenagers. In 2002, they opened up for BadBoys Ent. artist, Black Rob, and RuffRyders' Jin in front of thousands amongst a carshow in their home city. As many friends and associates watched, the group was praised and inspired by them to never give up on their dreams to succeed with the music. Along the road, there would be many members who would become a part of the group running under the name Deadeyez, including Chief Wisdom who would join the group later that year. In 2003, they released many mixtapes in high school and began growing their fanbase, starting with their hometown. The motivation of the group would inspire many others in the city, who would later decide to also pursue their dreams. The group eventually grew to about 20 artists, although many members would end up going their separate ways for whatever reasons, including some members who have ended up incarcerated or deceased. Through many ups and downs over the years, the group eventually came down to the current members. Although, yet to release a album as a group, the members have not stopped in their pursuit of the music. Artist Kra-Z Souljah a.k.a. Mr. Melodic, has previously released "GhostTown Underground L.P."(2010) and "Mr.Melodic Underground L.P." (2011). He has independently sold so many mixtapes since 1999 … albums are currently available on all platforms…

three young men leaning against a brick wall
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the cover of the album move in silence
a poster with the words silence on sale now