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Melodic's "Divine Action The E.P." is a profound exploration of taking action in life, guided by divine inspiration and protection. This project is not just a collection of songs but a spiritual journey, encapsulated perfectly in it's symbolic cover. Each element on the cover tells a story of righteousness, positive change, and a deep connection to his cultural and ancestral roots. Righteous Transformation: Melodic's white attire on the cover signifies a transition to righteousness and enlightenment, symbolizing his newfound identity and purpose. Divine Messenger: As an earth angel, Melodic's mission is to aid humanity's spiritual ascension through his music and messages, guided by his divine purpose. Ancestral Protection: The shadows behind Melodic represent his Cape Verdean ancestors and the 7 African powers, who shield him from malevolent forces on his life's journey. Gold: The gold symbolizes Melodic's ability to bring prosperity and success to everything he touches, marked by his destined role. Sword of Justice: Carrying the sword of truth, Melodic is reminded to always uphold justice and integrity in his words and actions. Melodic invites you to join him on this path, to embrace your own potential for positive change, and to connect with the divine guidance that is always available to those who seek it. With this e.p., Melodic stands as a beacon of light and truth, ready to uplift the world through his music and messages. Stream/Support/Follow: FB: @Deadeyezfamily IG: @Mr.melodic

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